" Eliminating social stigmas one play at a time ... "
$306,911.18 So far, of $357,350.00 budget

Willow Creek Station

The sophistication of equipment in this playground will be suited for younger age groups. Younger children will have something to look forward to graduating to as they will eventually enjoy playing in the older children’s playground space.
The sophistication of equipment in this playground will be suited for older age groups.
Storefront Play Scenes are examples of play equipment that will encourage the most creativity and inspiration. Many of these play scenes will incorporate the historical nature of the town of Saginaw and include railroad and agricultural influences. These play scenes could look like a store front window, or like the facade of a building from a town in the old west.
Due to the hot Texas weather, a splash park will alleviate children from the heat. A railroad water tank will be included.
The space beneath this large, existing tree will be a seating area for parents. Parents will be able to enjoy the shade as they watch their kids play and oversee the entire playground.
Some children playing in the playground may be sensitive to loud noises and large crowds. These green areas will act as safe havens for children to engage in individual play time.
Play equipment may include handicap accessible equipment that children can operate or ride. Other features may include easels, tactile play objects and instrumental equipment.
Utilizing the existing restroom building will alleviate costs and keep people from having to leave the playground to find a rest area.
This conceptual donation wall will feature the names of playground donors and instill pride in the community of Saginaw.
The entry portal will be a train ticket booth to incorporate the historical railroad influence of the town of Saginaw. This feature could be expanded to allow for more restrooms if needed.


  • What is Project Dream Play?

    A non-profit organization focused on eliminating social stigmas by developing play environments that inspire diverse interaction at the earliest stages of social development. Unintended segregation occurs when individuals don’t understand each other. Giving children opportunities to interact with others who aren’t like themselves, helps each learn how to include the others as they are learning about their social system. This change in perception will result in more integration into their adult lives.

  • Why is this initiative necessary?

    Children learn about others and how to navigate their social system through play, and often times that play is in a community playground. Most playgrounds do not accommodate children with physical or mental disabilities. A Universal Design approach will eliminate exclusion and promote interaction.

  • How will interaction be encouraged?

    The play space will have a solid ground surface that promotes mobility, allowing children of varying abilities to navigate as desired. Playground features will challenge the abilities of each playgroup, while providing areas for all to play through imaginative and physical means.

  • Where will the playground be located?

    The playground will be located at Willow Creek Park in Saginaw, Texas, which is a city on the Northwest edge of Fort Worth. It will be the first of its kind in Northwest Tarrant County.

Costs & Donations

Item Unit Cost Quantity Total Playground Area
Play Equipment $53,700.00 1 $53,700.00 2-5 Year Old Space
Play Equipment $103,600.00 1 $103,600.00 6-12 Year Old Space
Swings $7,500.00 1 $7,500.00 General
Train Engine $8,250.00 1 $8,250.00 General
Tanker Car $3,900.00 1 $3,900.00 General
Cozy Cocoon $2,800.00 1 $2,800.00 General
Climbing Tunnel $4,800.00 1 $4,800.00 General
Surfacing $106,000.00 1 $106,000.00 Overall
Fees $66,800.00 1 $66,800.00 Construction & Architect
Total cost $357,350.00
Supporter Date Quantity Donation Comments
Hearts at Play Gala
Project Dream Play
Fort Worth, TX
4/13/2013 1 $5,600.00 Thank you to the Milan Gallery for the use of their beautiful space, and thank you to all who supported the event!
Garage Sales
June \'12, Nov \'12, May \'13
Saginaw, TX
8/28/2013 1 $4,430.00 Thank you to everyone who donated and shopped!
Poinsettia Sales
Saginaw, TX
8/28/2013 1 $175.00 Thank you Awesome Blossom for your partnership!
Individual Donors

8/28/2013 1 $1,850.00 Thank you for your generous support! A portion in honor of Kenneth & Ruth Seaberry and Boyd & Mary Francis Roland
P31 Fitness
Saginaw, TX
8/28/2013 1 $675.00 Thank you Amber Weaver and all the participants in Saginaw!
Jingle Bell Jog Pancake Breakfast
Fort Worth, TX
12/1/2012 1 $200.00 Thanks to the EM-S ISD Education Foundation for including us!
Individual Donors

10/26/2013 1 $100.00 Thank you for your generous support!
Lawn Kids Fundraiser
Project Dream Play
Fort Worth, TX
11/4/2013 1 $450.00 Thank you!
Lawn Kids Fundraiser
Project Dream Play
Fort Worth, TX
12/9/2013 1 $200.00 Thank you!
Hearts at Play Gala
Project Dream Play
Fort Worth, TX
1/25/2014 1 $3,987.00 Thank you to the Milan Gallery for allowing us to use their space for our 2nd year, and thank you to all who supported the event!
Engineer Level Sponsorship

1/24/2014 1 $5,000.00 Coleman Barnes
Contributed by Jamie Antinone
Individual Donors

4/15/2014 1 $150.00 Thank you for your generous support!
Individual Donor

9/1/2014 1 $100.00 Donation made in honor of Avery Farr. Thank you!
Constellation, An Exelon Company
Community Champions Award

9/1/2014 1 $500.00 Grant award
Lawn Kids Fundraiser
Project Dream Play
Fort Worth, TX
9/1/2014 1 $50.00 Thank you!
Texas Health Resources, Alliance - Pharmacy Department

1/10/2016 1 $500.00 Thank you and congratulations on receiving the hospital's Community Service award!
Individual Donors

11/1/2014 1 $250.00 Thank you for your generous support!
Individual Donor

5/23/2016 1 $800.00 Thank you for your support!
Individual Donors

1/19/2019 1 $55.00 Thank you for your support!
Gift Wrapping at Barnes & Noble

12/10/2017 1 $82.00
Pizza Buffet Fundraiser

3/5/2018 1 $333.00 Thank you for your partnership!
Change for Change

3/26/2018 1 $112.50 Thank you American Nation Bank for hosting our collection jars!
Bad Azz Burritos Fundraiser

4/5/2018 1 $300.00 Thank you for your generosity!
Individual Donors

4/19/2018 1 $386.00 Thank you for your contribution!
City of Saginaw

4/17/2018 1 $178,675.00 Thank you City Manager Gabe Reaume, Mayor Flippo and City Councilmembers for committing to this playground. (donation contingent upon PDP raising same amount first)
Change for Change

4/25/2018 1 $142.25 Thank you again, American Nation Bank!
Superintendent Level Sponsor

5/24/2018 1 $7,500.00 Thank you Fort Worth Dirtwerx!
Individual Donor

5/24/2018 1 $100.00 Thank you for your generous gift!
Individual Donor

6/4/2018 1 $2,200.00 J Way Foundation's generous gift in honor of Shelda "Sha Sha" Lansing Upshaw - thank you!
Change for Change

6/4/2018 1 $180.00 Thank you American Nation Bank for continuing to be a great supporter!
Individual Donors

6/16/2018 1 $560.00 Thank you for your generous support!
Individual Donor

6/30/2018 1 $115.00 Thank you all!
Constellation, An Exelon Company
Community Champions Award

7/7/2018 1 $500.00 Grant Award
Panda Express Fundraiser

7/7/2018 1 $117.00 Thank you to everyone who mentioned us at Panda Express on June 21st!
Saginaw Police Officers Association

7/7/2018 1 $2,500.00 The Saginaw POA has committed to donate the final $2,500 toward our goal when we reach that point! We sincerely appreciate your willingness to support our community beyond your daily service.
Waste Connections

8/9/2018 1 $2,000.00 Thank you for your support and for investing in health and welfare of Saginaw!
Individual Donors

8/18/2018 1 $115.00 Thank you for your support and contribution!
Panda Express Fundraiser

8/21/2018 1 $364.48 Thank you for dining at Panda Express, and thank you Panda Express for your support!
Change for Change

8/21/2018 1 $392.45 American Nation Bank - thank you for your continued partnership!
Pampered Chef, Kalee Morrison

8/21/2018 1 $70.00 Thank you for hosting and donating 20% toward the playground, plus items we can use in a silent auction basket later.
Individual Donors

9/1/2018 1 $750.00 Thank you to Gabe Reaume for remembering us as you celebrated your birthday, and to all your friends who donated through Facebook!!
Individual Donors

9/9/2018 1 $120.00 Thank you to our friends in The Commons at Willow Creek!!
Boo Ray's of New Orleans

9/14/2018 1 $439.50 Thanks to Boo Ray's and everyone who went there for dinner on the 29th!
Kona Ice

9/14/2018 1 $13.00 Thank you Kona Ice and everyone who attended the game night in the park!
Engineer Level Sponsorship

9/14/2018 1 $5,000.00 Thank you Holly Morgan for pledging a contribution through the BNSF United Way campaign!
Operator Level Sponsorship

9/18/2018 1 $2,500.00 Thank you to the lawfirm Linebarger Goggan Blair & Sampson!
Bad Azz Burritos Fundraiser

9/23/2018 1 $155.00 Thank you for your continued support and partnership!
Panda Express Fundraiser

9/21/2018 1 $248.00 Thank you friends, and thank you Panda Express!
Individual Donor

10/5/2018 1 $50.00 Thank you for thinking of us!

10/22/2018 1 $243.00 Thank you Jamie Nichols for your support, and thank you to everyone who bought greeting cards!

11/8/2018 1 $393.00 Thank you to everyone who came out for a fun evening, and to N2Vino for being such a generous partner!
Pizza Buffet Fundraiser

11/24/2018 1 $206.00 Thank you Pizza Buffet and everyone who braved the cold to come out!
Individual Donors

11/27/2018 1 $1,125.00 Thank you to everyone who donated through the Facebook Giving Tuesday fundraiser event!
Panda Express Fundraiser

12/4/2018 1 $328.00 Thank you to everyone who went to Panda Express on our behalf in October!
Individual Donor

12/15/2018 1 $25.00 Thank you for your recurring donation!
Change for Change

12/15/2018 1 $260.00 Thank you First American Bank for hosting our Change for Change jar, and to all who contributed!
The J Way Foundation

12/16/2018 1 $70,873.00 In memory of Shelda "Sha Sha" Lansing Upshaw and representing Taco Casa. Thank you to J Way Foundation and the Upshaw family for supporting us with your Title Sponsorship!
Marco's Pizza Fundraiser

5/22/2018 1 $31.00 Thank you Marco's Pizza for your support!
Amazon Smile

12/17/2018 1 $13.00 Thank you for shopping through Amazon Smile!
Ardent Mills

2/10/2019 1 $2,000.00 Thank you for being a great community partner!
Individual Donor

2/10/2019 1 $5.00 Thank you for contributing!
Panda Express Fundraiser

2/16/2019 1 $317.00 Thank you Panda Express for being such a great partner in our community!
Remaining donations needed
100% of your donations go towards our cause - there are no organization costs/fees


Christy & Alex McCraw Lynn Chaloupek
Ally & David Surface Amber Galloway
April Knifong Becky Daffern
Suzan & Boyd Greene Hayley & Bradley Webb
Christy & Byron Butler Carol & Nina Siegel
Monica & Chris Hudson Coleman & Kayla Barnes
Corie Wood Cindy & Danny Murphy
Jan & David Parish Dee Dee Cure
Cindy Garza Brad Cormack
Douglas Portsche Amanda & Dwayne Jones
Gina Maile Jamie & Matt Barnes
Jennifer, Leeanna & Matthew Peacock Jennifer Ramsey
Jennifer Ripley Jennifer Wheeler
Chelle & John Wallis Kay & John Price
John Mathis Helena & Josh Florio
Julie Gregory Julie LaQuey
Kayla Westerman Laurie Kolle
Carla & Loyd Brice Lori Rohloff
Marsha Shivers Mart Jordan
Martha Villeneve Marty Akeman
Melanie Montemayor Megan Dieffenwierth
Amie & Mike Marcy Judy & Mike Seaberry
Monica Woods Mrs. Bice
Peggy Mills Ron Ruvalcava
Storage King Teresa Downs
Mindy & Tim Rush Vanessa & Roger Combs
Elizabeth & Bryan Hunter Martin Kolev
American Nation Bank Bethany Hills
Brenda Hockaday Lauren Butschek
Siobhan Lilley Charlie Tucker
Willow Creek Signs Karen Daly
Victoria Vega MAVERY
Danny & Mary Copeland Kristi Heflin
Manivanh Phommasene Commons at Willow Creek
Gabe Reaume Mike Goodrum
Alora Wachholz Ali McCullough
Don Cromwell Dr. Lisa Dicke
Alvin Bailey Officer Derek Garretson
Lewis McLain Robert Hanna
Holly Morgan Rita Hitt
Rhonda Scott Steven Zilligen
Jan Young John Dreese
Jessie Redfearn Patrick Harmon
Michael Edgar Cheyenne McMillin
Sydney Engle Jared Draper
Summer Dunn Janetta Hames
Stacie Rudduck Heather Duerr
Jessica Fielder Ardent Mills
Sarah Lazaro

To donate via personal check please mail it to: PO Box 161072 Fort Worth, TX 76161

Project Dream Play is a 501(c)3 organization.

Sponsorship Levels

1) Conductor - $10,000+

- Superintendent level benefits
- Recognition on donor wall size 1 (your choice of name/logo)
- Invitation to Ground Breaking Ceremony (4 seats)
- Recognition in brochure & press releases

2) Superintendent - $7,500+

- Engineer level benefits
- Recognition on donor wall size 2 (your choice of name/logo)
- Hand print in concrete border along path (or in paint on wall of “station”)
- Invitation to Ground Breaking Ceremony (2 seats)

3) Engineer - $5,000+

- Operator level benefits
- Recognition on donor wall size 3 (your choice of name/logo)
- Hand print in concrete border along path (or in paint on wall of “station”)

4) Operator - $2,500+

- Recognition on donor wall size 4 (your choice of name/logo)
- Recognition on Project Dream Play website
- Invitation to pre-grand opening private play (VIP party)


Ally Surface, Vice President & Treasurer Ally Surface, Vice President & Treasurer
Events & Volunteers


I read somewhere, once, that children, through unstructured play, can create and explore thru a world they can master. When given an ideal environment they can obtain confidence in their abilities by conquering obstacles and begin their skills with other kids their age for self advocacy, sharing, resolving conflict and negotiating. I'm personally proud to be part of this non-profit organization bringing the opportunity of these abilities and skills to all children. My family looks much like a lot of families in this community. We have one child with a physical limitation and three without limitations. We want to see all of them playing in one place with peers their age. Project Dream Play will consider the design with the needs of all children and create a place for each of them. My desire is to bring volunteers together and create a unified effort. The fundraising events planned will benefit Willow Creek Station by inclusivity by all members of this community.

Cheyenne McMillin, Secretary Cheyenne McMillin, Secretary

Project Dream Play became a passion of mine when I became a part of the Eagle Mountain Saginaw community! Being a teacher, I know firsthand that it is very important for all children to interact and play together in a setting that accommodates all. I am very excited to see this playground bring more joy and friendships to the children and families of our community.

Misty Farr, President Misty Farr, President


I was inspired to co-found Project Dream Play by my children, one of whom is in a wheelchair. My initial desire was to have a playground where my children could easily play together, since there are no accessible playgrounds in this area of the county. Quickly my desire turned into a broader vision as I watched her interact with other children as we went about town. Observing other children’s reactions to our daughter’s wheelchair helped me realize that there is so much they can learn from each other, if given the opportunity to interact in a natural play setting. The more children interact, the less they see each others’ differences and the more open their minds become to seeing each other as just another kid. It is my hope that this play space will not only provide a place where all children can play together, but also where they can learn from each other so that social barriers can be removed.

Angela Barrientos Angela Barrientos

I am a teacher at Willow Creek Elementary and have lived in the area for 11 years. I have three crazy huskies. One of my missions in life is to serve others. As a board member of Project Dream Play, I serve my Willow Creek students and their community. I became involved in the organization first by donating in its early stages at community functions. My hope is that we can build this playground so that all our community can enjoy.

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